21. January 2018
New year, new resolutions and fresh energy portion! From today I start with my blog again. Enjoy! :*
12. September 2017
Every city visited by me I put into a special ranking, starting with those, which appealed to me the most and ending with those, which didn’t enrapture me completely. Even when it remains for me a lot of cities to visit (I hope not just only the European once), I’m happy that this ranking enlarges to such a fast degree. Until now the first places on my list had Rome (number 1) and London (number 2). Everything changed after my last visit in Hamburg. Enjoy! :*
06. September 2017
You cannot find a work? Would you like to apply for a new job and fulfil your further career dreams? You don't know how to correctly compose and write your application? Do you look for an inspiration what to wear for a job interview? This post will be perfect for you! :) Enjoy :*
19. August 2017
This post will show you, why did I fall in love with breath taking Switzerland :) It is simply amazing!
13. August 2017
I perfectly remember, how I wondered to my sister, that she was buying two identical things, just in other colors. However, over time I started to understand her. Not only that – I start doing the same, what she has done before! :)
06. August 2017
On Sunday our plan wasn’t so tight as it was on the previous day. The main points of our trip on this day were Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi). We’ve decided, that on this day we will go on a trail of the most beautiful fountains in Rome.
30. July 2017
For our second day staying in Rome we’ve planned the longest adventure tour, therefore our alarm clock has already rang at 8:30. After short preparations (which anyway were wasted by the 36 degrees heat), we set off to the city. If you would like to know, how we spent our second day in Rome - read the post! :) Enjoy :*
26. July 2017
How you probably know, I was preparing for D. a surprise trip for the weekend. For our travel we were off for a beautiful and really romantic Rome. This time it went without any troubles connected with the flight but the weekend was for sure full of excitement. In the next three posts, I will tell you – briefly of course - about our wonderful trip :) Today a first post from the series! :) Enjoy! :*
18. July 2017
Do you also have an impression that the more tasks you need to manage, the better you can organize your work? I definitely do!
06. July 2017
This season I felt in love with overalls. If you would like to know why and what did this one enrapture me with - just enjoy the post! :) :*

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